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Who sharpens the Skates for Skates360?
- We work with professionals within the skating world to provide services to the skaters we work with.
- If you shop in California, Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin

Raphael Kelling (Lead Technician)
2010 - 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Senior Dance
2001 - 2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Senior Dance
1997 - 1998 Olympic Training Center Resident
USFS Test - International Dance Tests
USFS Test - Triple Gold Medalist

When can I make an appointment?
- We set appointments based on our available times.

When I showed up unannounced you where closed. Why?
- We have a mobile aspect to our business and may have been out servicing other areas.
- Although we do accept appointments for almost any time day or night.. We find that we simply do not wish to stay open 24hrs a day.

Do you offer pick and delivery services?
- We do offer pick and delivery services within specific geographical areas.

How often do I need my skates sharpened?
- Figure Skates should be sharpened roughly every 30 hours of skating under normal conditions.

What are the most common mistakes a skater can make damaging their skates?
- Walking on metal bleachers
- Stepping or walking on concrete
- Sliding on carpet w/ dirt or other debre
- Stepping on metal drain covers
- Leaving hard guards on to long

How can I help to prevent damage to my blades?
- Dry your skates with a soft cloth as soon as you done skating
- Store your skates in their own soft sided case to prevent damage during transportation and storage
- Store skates in SOFT guards to remove unwanted moisture and assist in preventing corrosion
- Wear protective guards while traveling on any non slip surface and remove your skates as soon as your done skating
- Limit exposure to outdoor rink that are not properly maintained

I have custom made skate blades.. What can you sharpen?
- We love this stuff! Just ask us.. but generally speaking
- It needs to meet PSA, USFS, or ISI standards for a skate blade
- It needs to be made of a solid non flammable material (does not have to be made of metal)

Does Skates360 sharpen rental skates? (For Rink Facilities only!)
- Yes

We have rental skates at our facility.. What can you offer? (For Rink Facilities only!)
- An unbeatable Quality of Service
- We believe that future requirements will demand an improved quality of service on all rental skates
- We are confident that our sharpening service already meets or exceeds these requirements

I'm a bit unsure of this whole sharpening thing...
- Our sharpening staff is made up of competitive and professional skaters.
- Our equipment is some of the best ever made for skate sharpening
- Our staff knows how to handle your equipment
- Your registration ensure quality service avoiding your need to "ask the right question" before getting good service

I have paramount skate blades.. Why am I being charged extra?
- Paramount Blades are sharpened with special stones designed for their unique stainless steel construction
- Paramount Blades made with a 440c Stainless Steel require a unique process, requiring additional time, to sharpen.

I have Paramount Skate Blades.. How can I avoid the extra charge?
- Register with Skates360
- Request a Free Consultation
- Certain Restrictions Will Apply

I have Matrix Skate Blades.. Can I avoid the extra charge?
Not at this time

Can I order Ice Skates from Skates360?
- Yes!
- We can also place custom orders on your behalf through a variety of manufacturers

What if I want you to tell me what size I am but would prefer to order the skates myself?
- We can measure your feet and let you order your own equipment
- We can measure your feet and you can order directly from the manufacturer
- We can also take foam impressions of your feet which we can either ship for you or you carry them home.

Why does your foam molding material appear to be different then the stuff I'm use to seeing at other places?
- We use a very high grade - high density - medical impression foam
- We custom order our materials from a medical distribution companies.
- Our foam is moisture-proof to prevent distortion and contamination.
- Our foam has a higher level of accuracy with less fracturing then traditional skate molding materials.
- Our foam often exceeds most of the ice skate manufacturing requirements.

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